"You must have heard it before. Maybe once or twice, maybe even more. That faint beating underneath your pulse. The one that comes surging throughout your veins when you least expect it. I can taste the truth in your voice. And I know, certainly, that you’ve felt it before. This is why you’re so composed, confident, and self assured that you will land on your feet and not your heart. It sways me how your hair just falls back along the trail of your spine. The increasing desire to unfold you becomes vivid. But you see, you and I both know that the truth hurts. It is sweet at the tip of your tongue, but when it passes through your throat— that bitterness begins to unravel itself. Then that hidden pulse, comes back, as if reunited with an old friend or perhaps a lover. Somehow, your skin becomes aware of everything."


There’s that thin line between loving somebody and loving to be with somebody.

I’m quite familiar of both. And I can honestly say that loving somebody is the most difficult thing I have ever done, yet still do.

Unconditional love made its way through my veins. No matter how much I deny it, it’ll always be there. Living and breathing inside of me.

I used to be so afraid, unbearably afraid of being unloved when I know love exists in all corners. I was just too blind to see it.